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OpenFreezer: a reagent information management software system

Nature Methods 8, 612–613 (2011)
Olhovsky M, Williton K, Dai AY, Pasculescu A, Lee JP, Goudreault M, Wells CD, Park JG, Gingras A, Linding R, Pawson T and Colwill K.


The rapid growth of large-scale reagent collections that are necessary for systems-level biological approaches has brought about a concomitant need for extensible and flexible tracking systems to manage such resources. To meet this need, we developed OpenFreezer, an open-source, web-based enterprise software application, which maintains detailed and standardized documentation on common laboratory reagents. OpenFreezer tracks both large-scale reagent collections and individual reagents in a laboratory via a centralized repository that allows for easy access, sharing and management of data across projects and research groups. As such, OpenFreezer will be of interest to researchers in a broad range of laboratories and institutes of varying magnitude.




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