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Integrative Network Biology and Cancer

Detailed program for the inbi symposium.

Friday - May 14th

4:30-5:15PM Arrival and Registration
5:20-5:30PM Introduction to Symposium

5:30-6:00PM Opening Lecture

Eng Lim Goh, Silicon Graphics International, USA
Computer modeling of natural and synthetic systems.

6:00-7:00PM First Keynote Presentation

Wendell Lim, University of California San Francisco, USA, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Evolution & Engineering of Cell Signaling Networks

7:00-11:00PM Reception at The Science Museum

Saturday - May 15th

8:00-8:30AM Morning Coffee

8:30-10:15AM Session I: Network Models and Medicine

Chair: Prof Richard Marais, ICR
Chris Bakal,The Institute of Cancer Research, UK
The Stress of Cellular Life

Jasmin Fisher, Microsoft Research, UK
Executable Strategies for Cellular Decision-Making

Birgit Schoeberl, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, USA
Applying engineering principles to develop novel cancer therapies

10:15-10:45AM Coffee Break and Vendor Session

10:45AM-12:30PM Session II: High-Content and Quantitative Microscopy (Sponsored by PerkinElmer)

Chair: Prof Keith Willison, ICR

Lukas Pelkmans, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Using cell population context in biology: Understanding cell-to-cell variability in membrane lipid composition

Robert Murphy, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Proteome-scale analysis and modeling of subcellular location patterns

Philippe Bastiaens, Max Planck Institute, Germany
Structure, dynamics and spatial organization of signalling networks

12:30-2:00PM Lunch Break and Vendor Session


2:00-3:00PM Second Keynote Presentation

Don Hunt, University of Virginia, USA
Innovative Mass Spectrometry Technology for the identification of Cancer Immunotherapeutics Derived from Dysregulated Signal Transduction Pathways
3:00-3:15PM Short Break

3:15-5:00PM Session III: Integrating Genetics and Proteomics (Sponsored by ThermoFisher)

Chair: Dr Claus Jørgensen, ICR

Anne-Claude Gavin, EMBL, Germany
Proteome organisation in a genome reduced bacteria

John Hogenesch
, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Systematic- and systems approaches to understanding the clock

Stephen Michnick
, University of Montreal, Canada
1234... How to make a perfect cell fate decision in four easy steps

5:00-5:30PM Refreshments and Vendor Session

5:30-7:15PM Session IV: Signalling Network Dynamics (Sponsored by Silicon Graphics International)

Chair: Prof Chris Marshall, ICR

Michael B. Yaffe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
A Network Biology Approach to DNA Damage and Cell Cycle Control in Cancer

Nevan Krogan, University of California San Francisco, USA
Functional Insights from Protein-Protein and Genetic Interaction Map

Rune Linding
, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK
Cancer and Cellular Information Processing

7:15PM Speakers Dinner and Participants Local Pub Evening

All talks to be held in ICR's CBL Auditorium.
All refreshments and vendor displays to be held in 6th Floor ICR Common Room.