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Xavier Robin

Xavier Robin - Research
I am interested in developing algorithms to extract morphological features from cells imaged with high-throughput microscopy in genome-wide siRNA screens. I develop methods for dimensionality reduction, feature selection and modelling the data into a network. The long-term goal of this project is to be able to find personalized network-based treatments for cancer.
Image text/x-nemerle Classic versus network view of drug action
In the classic view (A), a drug as a target and off-target effects, which activate pathways of effectors to trigger therapeutic and side effects, respectively. In the network or systemic view (B), multiple targets of a signaling network are perturbed, resulting in integrated therapeutic and side effects.
Image The three most important network-targeting strategies
A single drug can be used to target a single node of the network (A) or multiple nodes can be targeted with one (B) or several (C) drugs.
Image Quantitative Phenotypic Signatures
Five morphological features for six cells with three different treatments.
Image PNG image Biological forecasting
Schematic overview of the biological forecasting pipeline