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Current vacancies within the lab.

We are constantly seeking highly motivated, bright researchers at different career levels with backgrounds in biology, biological engineering, biochemistry, physics, mathematics or computer science. for informal enquiries.

Postdoc and Grad student candidates should apply by sending their CV and publication list (not manuscripts) ELECTRONICALLY (see links below)FAX or preferred as PHYSICAL/REAL LETTER to Dr Rune Linding. Specific and funded positions will be advertised world-wide as well as on the websites of HUB. Our lab is a dynamic, international, highly productive and stimulating environment, and we provide world-class multi-disciplinary training.

To potential applicants, please note that:

- The official/operational language of the lab is english.

- We welcome strong applications at any time.

- The lab is a religious, political and morale neutral zone. We welcome any qualified candidate regardless of personal background and aim to provide a diverse and international working environment.


We ONLY consider unsolicited PHYSICAL/REAL/SNAIL/PONY EXPRESS sent applications!  i.e. you must submit unsolicited applications in written form (letter or fax).