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Tony Pawson (1952 - 2013)

The entire world-wide research community mourns the passing of Dr Tony Pawson


It is with great sadness that we learned that we have lost our great hero, close friend, fantastic mentor, superb colleague, wonderful human being and maverick of a scientist Tony Pawson.

Across biology and life-sciences this will be felt deep and long. There is no field we can imagine that will not be touched by this massive loss.

Tony took it deeply to heart when he lost his wife Maggie, he never recovered from that. We truly hope he will find his love again now; he missed it so dearly.

Our lab is devastated by this but we will even more determined pursue the path Tony discovered. If we all work together we are convinced we will one day understand protein modules and how they organize cells and us.

We picked this piece of lyrics from John Denver because Tony always enjoyed the mountain drive from Denver to the Rocky resorts, where he would meet with many of us fellow scientists and engage in exciting discussions:


"He came looking for the answers to some questions on his mind.
Seeking truth and understanding in the hope that he would find a way
to better serve his brothers and his sisters in the sun,
sharing all that he was given giving all to everyone."

John Denver, "It Amazes Me", 1977.


Our thoughts and wishes goes out to Tonys family, all his friends and the entire global research community.


RIP Tony - Thanks for everything.


Take care and stay brave - Prof Dr Rune Linding, August 11, 2013.