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Public talks and presentations by the lab. These are usually released by conference organizers before we place them here. Please obey the copy-rights and pre-publication constraints mentioned within each video.


  • TALK by Dr Rune Linding - Single-cell Proteomics 2019, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, June 12th.




    • TALK by Prof Rune Linding - Pathways Symposium 2012, Koch Institute/MIT, Boston, USA, November 6th.






    • KEYNOTE TALK by Prof Rune Linding - 7th Annual RECOMB SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, Barcelona, Spain, October 16th and 17th.

RECOMB SB-Day 1. 1640 Rune Linding. from bocemtium on Vimeo.



    • PRESIDENTIAL TALK by Dr Rune Linding - HUPO 2010 Sydney:: 19-23 September 2010.